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Our goal is to provide a service to dog owners who have busy and demanding schedules but still want the companionship of a well-adjusted dog. We believe that socialization and exercise are the primary factors contributing to a dog’s well being and we are confident that Countryside K-9 LLC can improve the physical condition and mental health of your dog.

We have an indoor area with rubber matting and an outdoor play area with artifical turf where your pup can play with friends, hang in the kiddie pool or just lounge around and watch the action.

Our mission at Countryside K-9 LLC is to provide a safe and stimulating open-space environment where your dog can socialize and exercise with other pack members. The dogs in the Countryside K-9 LLC pack are medium and large breed dogs who play well with others and who love to be outside.

We know that your dog is a cherished member of your family, and we strive to provide every dog with as much love and attention as possible so they (and you) consider us their "home away from home." Your dog’s health and happiness are our number one priority.

If you’re away from home all day or just can’t give your dog the exercise and stimulation they need, consider making your dog a member of the Countryside K-9 LLC pack. It's a great way to keep your dog happy, healthy, and active.


Benefits to Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures. Playing with other pack members – versus being home alone all day – provides stress relief for your dog. In addition, interaction with other dogs builds positive social skills. The pack environment, along with the attention of our caring staff, provides positive feedback to keep your dog happy.

Benefits to You

You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe, active and happy while you are at work all day. When you pick up your dog in the evening, he or she will be well-exercised and ready for a nice, relaxing evening at home with you. You will no longer feel guilty if you are too tired to walk your dog because he or she will have had plenty of exercise while you were at work!

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